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The Below Booking form is a info gathering tool Team Baber uses to get you the most accurate quote as efficiently as possible. We understand that you may not have all of the below information at this time. Once we compile all the information you can give us, a representative from Team Baber will reach out via email to gather any additional info and/or provide you with a quote for the performance. The more info we get the better, so feel free to add additional info in the final field.

BUDGETING NOTE: Performance pricing is based on multiple factors including: market history, routing and performance type. Team Baber examines every potential performance offer regardless of budget and makes a determination as to if the performance you are requesting is doable. So no matter what your budget is, please submit the offer form. Remember, Barrett can’t say yes to an offer that he doesn’t have.


Barrett Baber Online booking Form

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Your Name
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Day Of Show Contact
Day Of Show Contact
Please list the name of the person the Tour Manager should contact upon arriving at your event.
Please include the telephone and email contact for the day of show contact if that person is not you.
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Please list number even if providing "buyout" . If not providing rooms, please leave blank.
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Can Baber Sell Merchandise?
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Will the organization or venue receive a percentage of Baber merchandise sales at the event? Example: Artist Sells - 100% to artist / Venue Sells - 80/20 Split
Please provide us with any additional info that you think may be helpful in regards to this booking.